Wusthof Classic 9cm Paring Knife


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Wusthof 9cm Paring Knife from the "CLASSIC" range has a slim blade with a plain edge and a pointed tip.  It is small and versatile and makes a handy addition to your collection.

The blade edge is sharpened to a 14 degree angle on both sides and is naturally balanced by the bolster or shoulder at the end of the blade, which also acts as a safety feature ensuring your fingers don't slip forward onto the blade and full tang (meaning fully forged from one piece of metal).  Riveted through three times with stainless steel rivets. For safe and effortless work.

Blade length 9cm

Blade width 2cm

Handle length 9cm

Please note: we are not permitted to sell a knife to a person under the age of 18. Only add this item to basket if you are aged 18 or over.