TEW Nesting Steamer Divider

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This set of three pan dividers saves on the number of pans and energy required for cooking family meals, by letting you boil or steam difference ingredients simultaneously. You can even load and remove different foods into the same saucepan at different times. As you can drain straight from the saucepan, there's no need for a colander either. Also ideal for separating bones and bouquet garni from stocks and sauces.

What's more, their unique patent-pending design means they stack together for space-saving storage and energy-saving shipping and distribution.

  • Three stainless steel baskets to turn one pan into three
  • Save energy & hob space by boiling & steaming different foods in the same pan
  • Compatible with Instant Pot® Duo 5.7L / 6Qt and stockpots/large saucepans over 23cm wide and 14cm deep
  • Unique patent-pending nesting design for space-saving storage
  • 5 Year Guarantee