Taylor's Eye Witness SureSharp Adjustable Multi-stage Knife & Scissor Sharpener

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  • With variable angle knife sharpening
  • 2-stage mechanism re-edges blunt knives & hones your knives to keep them sharp
  • Simply turn the knob to dial in the desired grinding angle from 14° to 24°
  • Handy scissor sharpener brings all sorts of household scissors and shears back to life
  • 10 year manufacturer guarantee 

This sharpener has two stages to it: a ceramic stage for regular honing and a tungsten carbide stage for resharpening a blunt knife. Push and turn the angle adjustment dial to set the desired sharpening angle. If the existing edge angle is unknown, refer to the suggested angles printed on the back of the sharpener.

RE-EDGING STAGE: When your knife has become blunt you will need to recut the edge using the tungsten carbide re-edging stage. Draw the knife blade through two or three times form heel to tip, keeping the blade vertical at all times. Finish the edge with a few strokes through the honing stage.

HONING STAGE: Use this slot to keep an edge on a sharp knife. Regularly draw the blade through from heel to tip holding it vertically and your edge should stay well honed.

SHARPENING SCISSORS: Insert the scissors through the slot as far as they’ll go, as if you are trying to snip the ceramic rod. Pull the scissors through while at the same time closing them around the rod. Keep the sides of the blades flat against the vertical plastic guides for best results. Left-handed scissors can be sharpened from the rear of the sharpener.
Look after me & I’ll look after your knives.

Not suitable for serrated knives.

10 year manufacturer guarantee