Taylors Eye Witness 'Heritage Oak' Sheffield Made Carving Fork

Taylors Eye Witness

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Heritage Oak knives are equally at home in the modern or traditional kitchen. The full tang blades, made from a single piece of high carbon stainless steel, are precision ground to provide exceptional strength, flexibility and lasting sharpness.

Each and every blade is individually heat treated and tempered to achieve the hardness required to hold a finely ground edge. Our state-of-the-art, digitally controlled grinding machines then prepare each blade blank to final geometry before being sharpened and honed entirely by hand for exceptional performance and edge retention.

The European oak handles are shaped to fit perfectly in the hand, the endstop preventing the knife from accidentally slipping. Each handle scale is secured with three solid brass rivets and finished by hand in the same tradition as they have been for generations.

Cook's Carving Fork

A cook's fork features two sharp tines to hold roasts steady while carving, keeping your hands safely away from the knife. Also lends a hand while moving food during cooking, serving slices & shredding pulled pork.

  • 15cm / 6" head with 8cm / 3" tines.