Tacoma Walnut 5 Piece Pinstripe Knife Block Set

Taylors Eye Witness

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The 'Tacoma' knives from Taylor's Eye Witness are a a practical range of kitchen knives with a hygienic seamless all-stainless steel construction. With taper-ground blades for excellent performance and edge retention, and well-balanced handles for effortless control.

The handles are hand painted with a stylish walnut effect. Each item in the range comes with a 10 year warranty as standard.

This striking walnut-coloured wooden block set has a small footprint so is great for smaller kitchens.

  • Set includes:
  • 10cm Paring Knife; A short, agile blade with a sharp point for removing blemishes
  • 13cm All Purpose Knife; Versatile knife to cut, slice & trim meat, vegetables & even sandwiches
  • 20cm Carving Knife; Thinly-ground with a little flexibility, this knife will glide through cooked & raw meats with ease
  • 20cm Bread Knife; Broad serrations zip through crusty bread
  • 20cm Chef's Knife; Deep heel protects the knuckles for chopping, rocking & dicing
  • Not for purchase by anyone under 18 years of age. Please note that you may be contacted to provide photo ID before completion of your order.