Nosh Universal Knife Guards - 5 Piece Set


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Our universal knife guards are designed to prolong the life of blade edges. Perfect for storing those specialist knives we all accumulate in our kitchen drawers! Work great with steel and ceramic knives of any width.

  • Ideal for in-drawer storage and knives in transit. Just the job if you need to take your favourite knife to a barbecue or picnic, or to pack safely away in your caravan or camping kit. Designed to fit inside most chef's rolls & cases for extra protection when on the move.
  • Protects blades edges… and your fingers! Just select the appropriate length guard for your knife & insert heel first into the flared opening of the guard, then gently lower the blade tip into place. Remove using a lifting motion.
  • Set contains:
  • 2 small knife guards, (For knives of any width and up to 13cm / 5" long such as paring, peeling, all purpose & utility knives)
  • 1 medium knife guard (For knives of any width and up to 19cm / 7.5" long such as santoku, boning & smaller chef's knives)
  • 2 large knife guards (For knives of any width and up to 26cm / 10.5" such as carving, bread, slicing & longer chef's knives)