MasterClass Cast Aluminium 51cm Dual Griddle Tray

Master Class

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Recreate authentic steakhouse-style chargrill cooking at home the easy way! This MasterClass griddle plate's cast aluminium construction means it reaches the high temperatures needed to get those delicious char marks really quickly. It distributes the heat through your food really evenly too - for delicious results.

You don't need be a master griddle chef to use it. This griddle tray is designed to sit nicely on two rings of your hob. Fire up the heat and cook!

It's stainless steel base means you can use it with all heat sources - including induction. It's even oven and grill-safe. This griddle plate is finished with a two unique speckled grey layers. These coatings give the pan added strength against scratches, and also act as a non-stick. So, you can sear steaks, sauté peppers and fry sunny-side eggs with less oil - for healthier results, and all the tasty flavour!

Heat resistant up to 200C

Dishwasher safe

25 year guarantee