Horl 2 Walnut Knife Sharpener


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The Horl knife sharpening range replicates the sharpening action of a whetstone whilst removing the guesswork.  The magnetic angle support ensures a consistent sharpening motion every time.

Simply attach your knife to the magnetic angle support and roll the Horl 2 along the edge of the blade, then do the same on the opposite side.  Finish off by repeating this action with the ceramic honing disc.  You will only need to roll the honing disc along the blade edge a few times.

The magnetic angle support included with the Horl 2 has 2 grinding angles.  The 20-degree angle can be used with a wide range of knives and can also be used to sharpen pocket knives.  The 20- degree grinding angle delivers sharpness in the shortest time and due to the stability of the cutting edge will retain its sharpness for a long time.  The 15-degree angle is used for knives with exceptionally fine blades such as Damascus knives or knives with a high carbon content.

The strong neodymium magnets and the Horl S-Pad ensures your knife is securely fixed during sharpening.  This means you can safely sharpen your knives without risk of injury, the anti-slip effect of the S-pad means even small blades can be sharpened consistently.

The industrial diamonds used are suitable for efficiently sharpening all knife steels of any degree of hardness without water. When used properly, the HORL® Diamond Standard never needs to be replaced. The grain size of 46 μm, grinds efficiently and precisely.

Industrial diamonds are considered one of the most durable and effective abrasives on the market. The monocrystalline diamonds are harder than any knife steel. By using a galvanic process, the diamonds in the HORL® Diamond Standard are fixed to approx. 55% in a nickel bed. After the first grinding processes, the initially rough surface will become finer and the HORL® Diamond Standard reaches its ideal grinding surface.

The Horl 2 contains:

Horl 2 Sharpener

Magnetic angle support with 15-degree and 20-degree angles.

Grinding Disc

Ceramic Honing Disc

Discs are interchangeable and additional discs can be purchased separately.