Dexam Soft Touch Egg Timer - Red


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Make sure you time your cooking to perfection every time with this bright red, funky, egg shaped, 60 minute mechanical timer, made with a soft touch finish. A classic mechanical timer that is simple to use as there is no technology involved. Like all mechanical timers, to make sure it rings, you MUST turn the top section of the timer clockwise, one FULL revolution, until the arrow points at 0, THEN turn it back the other way and line the arrow up with the time you require. If you do this, the timer will count down from the time you have indicated and sound the alarm when it reaches the 0 mark. If you do not do this, it will still count down but will the alarm will not ring loudly. It will time up to 60 minutes if you turn the top section clockwise until the arrow is lined up with the 0 mark (this is the 60 minute mark). Use it for timing cooking, games, toothbrushing, exercises. This lovely brightly coloured timer is easy to find in a drawer and good looking enough to keep on display in your kitchen.