Dexam Jam Thermometer


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Preserving and deep frying thermometer for use when making jams, marmalades or candies, and when deep frying. Many jam and candy recipes require accurate temperatures to achieve the best results, and by using this specialist high temperature thermometer which accurately measures up to 200 C (400F), you can follow the recipe accurately with the best chance of getting a delicious result. Deep frying in oil at the correct temperature helps you to cook food throughly without overcooking, and helps reduces greasiness. Always check your recipe for the correct recommended temperature, then simply clip the thermometer to the side of your pan, sliding the metal collar down the thermometer so that the bulb is sitting near to, but not actually touching the bottom of the pan, and read the temperature of your food on the easy-to-read scale. Made from glass with a metal collar and clip, at 19cm long this thermometer is long enough to use in most large preserving or maslin pans and deep friers.