Circulon 24cm / 7.6L Covered Stockpot


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With a large 7.6 litre capacity and 24cm diameter, the Circulon Style Non-Stick Stockpot and lid is a must have if you are making stock or batch cooking for the family.

Crafted from heavy gauge, hard anodized materials, this stock pot is a  sturdy, yet beautifully designed piece of cookware.  It is twice as hard as stainless steel and Induction hob ready, it distributes heat quickly and evenly, plus it's hi-low groove system increases durability and ensures you get maximum performance from its non-stick surface.  It is dishwasher safe and is three times more resistant to dishwasher usage and has a specially formulated three coat non-stick coating, meaning that you can cook with little or no oil for healthier mealtimes.