Greenwich Terrazzo 5 Piece Gold Knife Block Set

Taylors Eye Witness

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Designed in Sheffield by Taylor's Eye Witness, the Greenwich knife has been designed in Sheffield with performance and value in mind. The blades are taper ground for excellent sharpness, performance and edge-retention, while the thoughtgully-designed soft touch handles fit the hand perfectly for reduced fatigue in use. They are moulded directly onto the blades for durability and hygiene.

This gorgeous Terrazzo knife block includes an artificial stone base to add a touch of blink to your kitchen. With golden titanium plated blades and cocoa-coloured handles.

  • Set includes:
  • 9cm Paring Knife; A short, agile blade with a sharp point for removing blemishes
  • 12cm All Purpose Knife; Versatile knife to cut, slice & trim meat, vegetables & even sandwiches
  • 20cm Carving Knife; Thinly-ground with a little flexibility, this knife will glide through cooked & raw meats with ease
  • 20cm Bread Knife; Broad serrations zip through crusty bread
  • 20cm Chef's Knife; Deep heel protects the knuckles for chopping, rocking & dicing
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Designed in Great Britain
  • Not for purchase by anyone under 18 years of age. Please note that you may be contacted to provide photo ID before completion of your order.